Welcome to Rendera

Rendera is an open-source painting program. It was primarily designed with photo restoration in mind, but is also useful as a general painting application.

The tools, shapes, blending modes, edge-wrapping, and cloning may all be combined to suit a particular need. Brushstrokes are rendered after being drawn, allowing for slower, non-realtime calculations to be applied without interfering with the mouse or tablet response.


  • use any combination of paint, blending, clone, and wrap options
  • crop tool
  • interactive offset (for working on seamless tiles)
  • GIMP palette support with editor
  • high-quality color quantization
  • basic image transforms
  • lots of built-in filters
  • advanced color restoration filters
  • alpha-channel support
  • grid (no snap yet...)
  • PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TGA file formats

    This program is written in C++ and uses the FLTK toolkit.

  • Colorizing a black and white image.

    Restoring color to a faded photograph.



    The Linux version must be built from source, as there are no binary packages yet. Please visit the GitHub project page for full instructions: https://github.com/Mortis69/rendera


    32-bit Windows binaries are available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/rendera. (64-bit coming soon...)

    (The Windows version may also be built from the Linux sources, see "Makefile.mingw" in the GitHub repository.)

    Copyright (c) 2015 Joe Davisson. All Rights Reserved.